Yoga changed my life perspective

In one of my last posts I expressed my determination to love my body while I work on changing it to a better state, instead of changing my body out of disgust towards it. I talked about my running routine and my mind set, but as everything in life, this is a journey of discovery and trying, and moving towards something else if it doesn't work for you. And that is exactly what has happened to me on this matter.

I found that running was not something I would enjoy as I would enjoy practicing another fitness activity, so I quicked. YUP, I quicked and at first I felt so desperate because I thought that I would never find a fitness discipline I would really enjoy.

Then when at the time I was rolling to the bottom of the situation I was trying to escape from, a friend of mine shared a picture on Instagram about her practicing yoga, so I immediately sent her a dm and found out she was the owner of a yoga studio (shala) that was actually  minutes from my house, and she encouraged me to go t…

My beauty favorites

It's time to talk about a subject that everyone is interested in no matter your age, and that's beauty products, that meaning makeup and skincare.

For a while I have been so much into natural beauty, leaving the mask of makeup for wedding days or especial events, when I do my makeup I try to achieve a very natural look, even though makeup is one of my favourite things in the world, and the versatility of it its what keeps me cultivated into this magical world that is makeup.

now that that point has been made clear, I look for makeup products that don't cake up my face or products that don't give that heaving feeling, and for skincare what I´ve been leaning on is something that naturally improve the appearance of my skin, I have pretty dry skin so I struggle a lot with that cakyness sensation when applying foundation and setting powders.

But luckily I have found at least a brand that covers all my needs and style when it comes to this topic: Ere Perez. This is an Australia…

Until that dress fits me!

With wedding months ahead, my thoughts have focused on the dresses I will be wearing for the 5 weddings my husband and I have been invited to. 2 of them are very important because 2 of our favourite couples in the entire world finally will be saying "I do" after a 10 year relationship, and where are going to be on the family/VIP people photoshop and of course I would like to look my best. But I have a big issue, I´ve gained a lot of weight over the years and normally I feel great about my size but when it comes about nightgowns, I feel very self conscious, especially with my arms and tummy.

So I had a very serious talk to myself, me and I agreed to do the best we can get our healthy body back again. I'm not much of a gym girl, but I changed my mindset and believe me, it is working. I might not have my favourite body shape yet (YET!) but I have changed my thoughts regarding my gym sessions. I don't feel lazy anymore and I even enjoy the right when I'm hitting tho…

Before summer ends

Autumn has officially started, Christmas is right next to the corner and now we all are thinking about pumpkin candles and hot chocolate. But here where I live summer stays a little bit longer and the days are still bright and hot, and will be until half of October at least. People normally visit the beach (with it just 1 hour away from the city) before the cold wind of autumn gets us.

My husband has been very into fishing lately, when something comes to his head, he becomes obsessed with the idea, and this time its fishing! last time was camping, but now its fishing ha! he has such a good wife that I go with the flow in (almost) every adventure he decides to go to. I think we are a good match, we have created so many beautiful memories along the way because we always support each other with our crazy ideas.

By the time we got to the beach town we were starving, but we knew exactly where to go, this place is a MUST every time we visit that city, the food is something that you can't …

Autumn Favortites

Autum favorites
Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and this my first post. Here in Making Margatiras you will find a window to my life, to those things that I love, motivate me and touched me. I want to give you a few minutes a day to stop everything you are doing and relax and even give you a little smile, even if you are not having a good day, because if life gives you lemons you have to make margaritas!! (some say that its lemonade, but personally prefer margaritas, cheers!!)
I think this is the best way to start a blog, with your seasonal favourites! I feel like autumn is one of the best seasons because we have so many important celebrations to come. The weather starts to change, the afternoons are fresher and the sun goes down earlier, those are some of the hints that we get when autumn is knocking the door.
I'm going to list some of the things I love about this time of year, and later we will talk about Winter favourites and I promise you the list is going to be a bit longer t…