Autumn Favortites

Autum favorites

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and this my first post. Here in Making Margatiras you will find a window to my life, to those things that I love, motivate me and touched me. I want to give you a few minutes a day to stop everything you are doing and relax and even give you a little smile, even if you are not having a good day, because if life gives you lemons you have to make margaritas!! (some say that its lemonade, but personally prefer margaritas, cheers!!)

I think this is the best way to start a blog, with your seasonal favourites! I feel like autumn is one of the best seasons because we have so many important celebrations to come. The weather starts to change, the afternoons are fresher and the sun goes down earlier, those are some of the hints that we get when autumn is knocking the door.

I'm going to list some of the things I love about this time of year, and later we will talk about Winter favourites and I promise you the list is going to be a bit longer than this, and it might look like a theme post (Christmas!).

-Baseball season: Baseball is a huge thing here where I live, we love baseball, it is part of our tradition and we really look forward to these days, you have so much fun when you are at the stadium watching a game, the mood rises and everybody is laughing or screaming towards the field, but the food…. Omg.. there are so many deliciousness at a reach of your hand. Besides Christmas, this is another reason why we all gain a little weight this time of year.

-Halloween and Day of the Death: Here where I live, we do both, Halloween and Day of the Death, which means it is almost a whole week of spooky mood around, on Halloween our children dress up and go door after door singing “Treat or Trick” and when it is a day of the death we honour those who are not longer in the flesh and body with us. It is really a very emotional time.

-My dad´s birthday: My family and I are all into celebrating birthdays, it is a super big deal for us, we love to make the birthday person so special on their special day, and in November the 23rd its my Dad´s birthday, so I think we are going to make some Lasagna (He loves everything but he has a special place for lasagna in his heart) or we might go to a restaurant and let the staff know that it's his birthday, so they can sing for him or give him a little peace of cake with a candle on it.

-New decorations at home: As Mother as Daughter, we enjoy decorating our hourses so much, but my mom is still so much better at it than me, I recently got married and I don't have many things to decorate my house with, but it is a working progress, and I'm doing really good, so stay tuned for upcoming photos of my Christmas decorations, and you can judge yourself ha!

-Cardigans: Chilli weather and Cousy clothes, perfect combo! I really enjoy coming back home from work and put on the closest cardigan/jumper I have, drink a cuppa and cuddle with my dogs, there is no more perfect place for me than that, I'm so thrilled for those days to come.

Please let me know what are your favorites!


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