Before summer ends

Autumn has officially started, Christmas is right next to the corner and now we all are thinking about pumpkin candles and hot chocolate. But here where I live summer stays a little bit longer and the days are still bright and hot, and will be until half of October at least. People normally visit the beach (with it just 1 hour away from the city) before the cold wind of autumn gets us.

My husband has been very into fishing lately, when something comes to his head, he becomes obsessed with the idea, and this time its fishing! last time was camping, but now its fishing ha! he has such a good wife that I go with the flow in (almost) every adventure he decides to go to. I think we are a good match, we have created so many beautiful memories along the way because we always support each other with our crazy ideas.

By the time we got to the beach town we were starving, but we knew exactly where to go, this place is a MUST every time we visit that city, the food is something that you can't find in my home town and it is so delicious. It's a coconut with seafood that it's served in the shell of the coconut, they also have a bar with so many toppings and hot sauces to choose from, so you can personalize your own meal.


Happy belly happy heart. After finishing our exotic lunch we continued our route to the place a friend of ours recommended us to go fishing. The place was so beautiful I didn't mind the heat and the sun right in my face, I couldn't help taking tons of pictures in different angles of the same spot, I felt very lucky to be there and get to see the natural beauty we have so near home, even though I was reluctant at first to climb those soaked rocks, everything ended up better than I expected.

I hope you are having an amazing end of summer (that Will increase out summer blues thou) whether you stay home or go for a big trip, Autumn is also exciting and Im really looking forward to dive into all the destivities that are awaiting for us.

I will see you soon on the next post!


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