Until that dress fits me!

With wedding months ahead, my thoughts have focused on the dresses I will be wearing for the 5 weddings my husband and I have been invited to. 2 of them are very important because 2 of our favourite couples in the entire world finally will be saying "I do" after a 10 year relationship, and where are going to be on the family/VIP people photoshop and of course I would like to look my best. But I have a big issue, I´ve gained a lot of weight over the years and normally I feel great about my size but when it comes about nightgowns, I feel very self conscious, especially with my arms and tummy.

So I had a very serious talk to myself, me and I agreed to do the best we can get our healthy body back again. I'm not much of a gym girl, but I changed my mindset and believe me, it is working. I might not have my favourite body shape yet (YET!) but I have changed my thoughts regarding my gym sessions. I don't feel lazy anymore and I even enjoy the right when I'm hitting those painful miles on the treadmill.

I chose to work on my resistance, I am one of those people that won't even be able to run 1 minute, I would get suffocated and sore from trying to get to get 1 minute of running, so when I promise myself that I would improve my health, I knew that I had to work on that, so I looked for some 1 month plans I found here and there over the internet, you can check the one I'm using below, and I hope it works for you too.

Another thing that helped me a lot is to find people that motivate me, mantras, before and after of normal people that achieved their health/body goals, etc. that helped me a lot and has worked for me when I feel that I won't be able to get one more step on the treadmill.

For extra motivation, please read Jenaes´s blog! she has finished her training to run the St. George maratón, she has been a big inspiration for me, she blogs every day, so don't miss her posts.

Yesterday I tried to try on a beautiful dress that I love, but I never wore it again because I gained weight, and of course, it didn't fit me, but I didn't stress about it, I took it as a new challenge, something I will eventually achieve if I continue to make changes in my habits. I really feel thrilled about it.

Another thing that motivates me is that I want to get pregnant next year, but I won't do it until I get to run 30 minutes continuously. So that's a big goal and reward for me. Wish me luck!



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