My beauty favorites

It's time to talk about a subject that everyone is interested in no matter your age, and that's beauty products, that meaning makeup and skincare.

For a while I have been so much into natural beauty, leaving the mask of makeup for wedding days or especial events, when I do my makeup I try to achieve a very natural look, even though makeup is one of my favourite things in the world, and the versatility of it its what keeps me cultivated into this magical world that is makeup.

now that that point has been made clear, I look for makeup products that don't cake up my face or products that don't give that heaving feeling, and for skincare what I´ve been leaning on is something that naturally improve the appearance of my skin, I have pretty dry skin so I struggle a lot with that cakyness sensation when applying foundation and setting powders.

But luckily I have found at least a brand that covers all my needs and style when it comes to this topic: Ere Perez. This is an Australian brand that was created by a Mexican woman, What's her name? you guessed it! Ere Perez, and I must say that I have fallen in love with it. Ere Perez products are so hydrating that suits me perfectly, but for those girls with oily skin don't worry, the powders suck up all the oil you might produce during the day preventing your face from looking shiny.

But let me list you some of my favourites so far and the links so you can purchase them.

  • Oat Milk Foundation; so creamy and hydrating that my skin thanks me every time I wear it. For people with oily skin I recommend the following product and your problem a would be resolved.

  • Calendula Powder Foundation: It's a very fine powder that Will help to modify the shine of the skin, I personally use a very light hand, but if you have oily skin you Will love it.

  • Natural Bronzer: this bronzer is life! it looks so beautiful and natural like you just had a sun bath, and it smells so good!

  • Concealer: it is made with ├írnica that helps you depuff your under eye ├írea and smooth up the dark circles.

  • Vanilla Highlighter: it makes you shine from within, or at least it looks like it, natural and beautiful shine.

  • Carrot Colour Pots: these are a multitask product, you can use them as a blush, lipstick, I even use them as eyeshadow in those tight schedules days. I love them!

Those are the products that I use in my every day routine, but they have so many fabulous products that if I had included them you would be here reading for days (the lipsticks are incredible, and so are the liners, etc.), so better check them up on the website yourself, I honestly recommend them.


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