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Yoga changed my life perspective

In one of my last posts I expressed my determination to love my body while I work on changing it to a better state, instead of changing my body out of disgust towards it. I talked about my running routine and my mind set, but as everything in life, this is a journey of discovery and trying, and moving towards something else if it doesn't work for you. And that is exactly what has happened to me on this matter.

I found that running was not something I would enjoy as I would enjoy practicing another fitness activity, so I quicked. YUP, I quicked and at first I felt so desperate because I thought that I would never find a fitness discipline I would really enjoy.

Then when at the time I was rolling to the bottom of the situation I was trying to escape from, a friend of mine shared a picture on Instagram about her practicing yoga, so I immediately sent her a dm and found out she was the owner of a yoga studio (shala) that was actually  minutes from my house, and she encouraged me to go t…