Yoga changed my life perspective

In one of my last posts I expressed my determination to love my body while I work on changing it to a better state, instead of changing my body out of disgust towards it. I talked about my running routine and my mind set, but as everything in life, this is a journey of discovery and trying, and moving towards something else if it doesn't work for you. And that is exactly what has happened to me on this matter.

I found that running was not something I would enjoy as I would enjoy practicing another fitness activity, so I quicked. YUP, I quicked and at first I felt so desperate because I thought that I would never find a fitness discipline I would really enjoy.

Then when at the time I was rolling to the bottom of the situation I was trying to escape from, a friend of mine shared a picture on Instagram about her practicing yoga, so I immediately sent her a dm and found out she was the owner of a yoga studio (shala) that was actually  minutes from my house, and she encouraged me to go to the trial class, so I did. That was back in February, and today in the middle of July, I'm even more motivated by it, because I ́ve witnessed my progress, the positive changes on my body and mind. That makes me think on how life, God, the Universe, however you want to call it, puts the right answers in front of you and gives you the will to take them or leave them.

A month ago my friend set a challenge for us, 21 days of yoga, the prize would be two free months of classes, I'm not going to lie, my first thought was pretty negative, I thought I would never get through the 21 days of yoga, and even if I did, I wouldn't win the prize, but then I asked myself, do I have something to lose if I just tried? No, I don't, so I signed up for the challenge, and guess what? I won!!

I felt (and still feel) so grateful, I think that yoga has changed my perspective of life in general for a more positive one, I keep challenging my self personally, mentally, and physically, but I don't see it as a struggle anymore, but as the process I have to go through to be a better version of me. 


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